I'm a stay at home mom of two who formerly worked in corporate hell for nearly 15 years. I love all things sewing and crafty almost as much as I love my family. I sew, knit, and spin yarn primarily, but I also love to bake, crochet and generally try new things.

A geek at heart, I love to incorporate my personal style and humor into the things that I do, and I make primarily things that bring a smile to my face. I am a member of the 501st, and do a lot of costuming. I do very few comissions for clothing, but some of my other items we can certainly discuss! 

While you may know me from various places online, the item I'm most known for is the prototype Tauntaun sleeping bag for Thinkgeek's famous April Fool's day. I also play Roller Derby, and stream on Twitch.tv under the name Imperialgrrl.

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(crafty stuff)

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