TARDIS Afghan - Awesome Time Suck or AWESOMEST Time Suck

In mid-2011 I was trolling for a new knitting project when I came across what might be THE most incredible Doctor Who related craft I've seen yet - the TARDIS Afghan.

All the yarn needed to make this behemoth

Warmer on the inside, I instantly decided that I must make this. After all, I have liked Doctor Who since I watched it with my father as a child (never mind that I only caught up with the new stuff in 2011, I've fallen hard for the show all over again). But at nearly seven thousand yards of yarn, it's not a project for the weak at heart (or hearts)! I think The Doctor would approve - allons-y!

Why would you want to knit this, you might ask? Well, besides the fact that all your friends will be totes jealous, it's a fantastic piece of knitted art. It'll take some time to knit of course, but well worth it in the end! I started mine last week - when will you start yours? Perfect for long car rides to cons, and waiting for your 15 minute ride across Azeroth to finally complete.

Can't knit? Check out knittinghelp.com for instructions!

#TARDIS #Afghan #Blanket #DoctorWho

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