December 2013 - It only took a year to hit blue

So when last I left the documenting of this project it was a year ago, and I hadn't made a whole lot of progress for the afformentioned reasons. I'd worked on it onesie-twosie for most of the year, with little to no measurable progress.

All of that changed when I decided to bring this project in the car on a 12 hour car ride. Suddenly I took it from row 56 (or so) to row 100 where the blue starts in a little over a month. Since now I've proven to myself that I CAN get this done, I've made a pact (with myself) to get the knitting portion of this complete prior to Season 8's start in August/Moffatvember/whenever they start it. I'm super excited about the new season (Peter Capaldi is such an amazing actor!) so I'm trying to translate that into this.

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