December 2012 - When will I hit the blue?!

To say that the knitting of this behemoth is slow going would be an understatement. In almost two years, I'm not even to the blue part of the chart yet. A lot of that is that I often get distracted by other things, or when I sit down at night I find I have a lot to do on my computer and don't pick up knitting.

But we'll see - I'm trying to get a few rows a week down, so we may get to the blue part by oh, March? One of the biggest challenges I've had so far is the chart - luckily at first it's fairly repetitive but that changes as you get higher.

My current favorite way to get around this issue is to read the chart on my iPad on Goodreader - I can make it bigger, and even use the editing functionality to draw a line under my current row, just like I would with other charts.

#DoctorWho #Blanket #Afghan #TARDIS

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